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Matter Rollout Guide for Microsoft Teams
Matter Rollout Guide for Microsoft Teams

Step-by-step guide to getting set up and rolled out on Teams!

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1: Learn How Matter Works 📚

The best way to get started is to watch the Video Guides available on the Matter website. Start by watching the “Overview Video,” and then, for every Matter feature you plan on utilizing, we recommend watching the corresponding video. The videos are ~ 3 minutes each and are all highly recommended.

Here are some direct links to the most popular videos based on the features available:

2: Setup and Configure Your Account ⚙️

After successfully installing Matter for Teams, you may want to take advantage of the ability to configure your Matter experience based on the Matter features you plan on utilizing. If you'd like to connect Matter to more than one channel, check out our Enterprise Grid.

2.1: Add Your Company Values 🎨

Put your company values front and center with custom kudos! After watching the video guide for “Kudos & Custom Kudos”, we recommend adding your company and/or team values as Custom Kudos on Matter. This will help mission-driven companies socialize and reinforce the behaviors that matter to your company.

2.2: Rewards 💜

Since our most successful teams on Matter use Rewards, Rewards is enabled by default. After watching the video guide for “Rewards”, we hope you’ll choose not to disable rewards as teams that use Rewards see record level participation and employee satisfaction scores.

2.3: Celebrations 🥳

Automatically send birthday or work anniversary messages for everyone to see and celebrate! Learn more about Matter’s Celebrations feature by watching the video guide for “Celebrations”.

Note: You can launch and configure Celebrations at any time; it does not need to be during your initial Matter launch.

Celebrations Prerequisite

If you installed Matter in a channel where your members are already channel members, you are ready to configure Celebrations. If you installed Matter in a new channel and members have not yet been invited (see Step 4 below), you’ll want to come back to this step after you have invited your members.

To use Celebrations, you’ll want to upload or have Matter ask members to input their birthdays and work anniversary dates. For instructions, watch the video guide for “Celebrations” or view the Celebrations guide.

2.4: Pulse Surveys 📊

Use science-driven Pulse Surveys to gather continuous, real-time feedback on employee sentiment and engagement. Receive invaluable insights into the overall health of your organization's culture. Learn more about Matter's Pulse Surveys feature by watching the video guide for "Pulse Surveys" or viewing the Pulse Surveys guide.

2.5: Employee Surveys 📋

10x your response rate instantly with Employee Surveys. Automate and send customized surveys in Teams, get real-time feedback, view powerful analytics, and offer rewards. Learn more about Matter's Employee Surveys feature by watching the video guide for "Employee Surveys" or viewing the Employee Surveys guide.

3. Announce Matter to your Company 📣

Once you have familiarized yourself with Matter and configured your account, you’ll want to send a message to introduce and launch Matter. This can be done at an all-hands meeting, via a post in Teams, or via email.

Important Note: We recommend inviting/announcing Matter on a Wednesday or Thursday. In other words, the closer to Feedback Friday the more fresh it will be for everyone to participate and engage.

Here are resources to help you create a successful launch message:

4. Invite People to Matter 🙌

By now, you have familiarized yourself with Matter, made your initial configurations, and communicated the arrival of Matter. You are now ready to invite all members to your Matter channel if they aren’t already there.

To add members to Matter, simply add people to your Teams channel. Matter’s member list automatically syncs with Teams when people are added or removed. You’ll never need to manage adding or removing members from Matter itself since we sync with the members in your Matter channel in Teams.

💡 If you invited members, you may want to go back to step 2.3 to configure Celebrations.

5. Launch: Send Kudos to Kick Things Off 🎉

Congratulations! You are ready to send a kudos to kick things off! We recommend sending kudos to as many people as possible, either via one or multiple kudos. This will help everyone understand how Matter works by seeing Matter in action.

Considering thanking people for joining the Matter channel, and helping build an amazing, world-class company culture.

Well done! Matter is now on auto-pilot! 👏

Looking for even more advanced customization options? Here’s a list of resources:

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