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Adding Matter to another channel on Slack (Enterprise Grid)
Adding Matter to another channel on Slack (Enterprise Grid)
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Enterprise Grid is Matter’s solution for large or complex organizations.

It empowers your people to share recognition and rewards cross-functionally or company-wide.

Enterprise Grid is designed to mirror how your company is structured and offers unlimited Matter-connected Slack channels, managed by one centralized workspace.

How companies are using Matter’s Enterprise Grid:

  • Company-wide kudos channel and separate kudos channels for different team functions.

  • Separate channel settings (e.g., Feedback Friday, kudos, etc.) for teams separated by time zone or job function (e.g., #matter-design, #matter-engineering).

  • Separate channels for birthdays and/or work anniversaries.

  • Manage rewards, billing, etc. from one workspace.

Each Matter-connected Slack channel will have its own channel settings. In other words, its own Feedback Fridays, custom kudos, analytics, celebrations, etc.

A few notes on Enterprise Grid:

  • There are two levels: 1) Workspace-Level. 2) Workspace-Level. Multiple Matter-connected Slack channels will live under one Matter Workspace. See the visual representation below.

  • Enterprise Grid billing is the unique aggregate number of channel members across all Matter-connected Slack channels.

To learn more about Enterprise Grid, contact us here or schedule a time here.

Matter Slack Home Tab

Enterprise Grid Matter Workspace

In the image below, Enterprise Grid is the Workspace-level. #design-kudos, #engineering-kudos, #los-angeles-kudos, #new-york-kudos are all at the Channel-level.

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