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Sample Message for Launching Matter for Microsoft Teams
Sample Message for Launching Matter for Microsoft Teams
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Congratulations on being ready to launch Matter for Teams! Below you’ll find a helpful template for writing a successful internal communication message. Be sure to modify the sections in [brackets].

Hi Everyone,

Recognizing people for their hard work is one of the most important things we can do within the company. It leads to better communication, people feeling encouraged/appreciated, and valued for their contributions.

To make recognition fun and easy, we are going to use Matter, which works where we work, in Microsoft Teams!

With Matter, everyone can recognize each other with kudos in the moment and regularly to help build a culture. Watch this quick Overview Video to learn more.

[Rewards - If you are using Rewards - Start]

We are also using Matter's Rewards feature which we know you will love! Everyone will receive [Coin Allowance, ex: 80 coins] per [Feedback Friday Interval, e.g., weekly]. When giving kudos, you can add coins to them. Make sure to give your coins or they reset (i.e., they don't roll over). The coins you earn are independent of coins given away. Coins earned never reset nor expire. You can redeem your earned coins in Matter’s rewards store for gift cards, donations, or company-specific rewards. Gift cards will be automatically sent via email once a company admin approves the rewards request.

[Rewards - If you are using Rewards - End]

[Celebrations - If you are using Celebrations - Start]

We will be celebrating [Birthdays and/or Work Anniversaries] with Matter's Celebration feature. For birthdays, you will receive a message from Matter in Teams to enter your birthdate (month and day only). On your special day, a message will be shared in the [CHANNEL, e.g., Matter] for everyone to see and celebrate. If you'd like to participate, add in your birthdate, if not, you can ignore the message. For work anniversaries, we will be uploading these significant dates. We will be adding [X coins] to birthdays and [X coins] to work anniversaries that you can redeem Matter’s rewards store.

[Celebrations - If you are using Celebrations - End]

Please join me in the [CHANNEL, e.g., Matter] and send your first kudos!

Thank you!


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