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Employee Survey Guide

Step-by-step guide to getting set up and sending employee surveys!

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Get a high-level overview of Employee Surveys on Matter with our video guides. Here are two videos specific to Employee Surveys:

What are Employee Surveys?

Whether you're assessing employee engagement, measuring specific initiatives, or gathering event feedback, Employee Surveys provide a flexible and effective platform to obtain valuable insights. Employee Surveys enable you to gather targeted feedback across your organization.

Importance of Employee Surveys

Employee Surveys play a crucial role in understanding various aspects of your workplace environment and employee satisfaction. By using Matter's Employee Surveys, you can obtain actionable insights, which help in making informed decisions and improving overall organizational health.

Benefits of Employee Surveys

  • Targeted Feedback: Tailor your surveys to meet specific organizational needs.

  • Flexible Settings: Choose from a variety of delivery, frequency, and anonymity options.

  • Engagement Boosting: Increase response rates with integrated rewards.

Why Employee Surveys with Matter

Matter's Employee Surveys are designed to be seamless and highly customizable, fully integrating with Slack and Microsoft Teams for easy deployment and high engagement. Here's how we elevate your survey experience:

  • Integrated with Employee Rewards: Reward survey completion with Matter coins to boost participation.

  • Science-Backed Templates: From engagement to belonging and inclusion, employee onboarding & exit, and many more - our customizable survey templates have you covered.

  • Real-Time Analytics: View and act on feedback as it comes in.

Ready to Get Started?

Here’s a list of resources:

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