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Your Engagement Score reveals invaluable insights into the overall health of your organization's culture and the extent to which your employees are engaged and actively involved.

Having this simple yet effective score allows you to observe how new initiatives and changes impact the employee experience in real-time.

Access Pulse Survey Metrics

  1. Open the Web App.

  2. Then Pulse Survey tab.

  3. Filter by Date Range; either select a pre-defined or custom date range.

How Engagement Score is Calculated

The Engagement Score uses a rolling 30-day time window, which shows the score for all responses collected within the last 30 days.

Calculation: (Unique Answers Who Voted 5, 4, or 3) / (Total Unique Answers).

  • 5 = Strongly Agree. 4 = Agree. 3 = Neither Agree or Disagree.

  • Note: Skipped questions are not counted as an answer.

Example: Date Range selected is Jan 1, 2024 - Jan 31, 2024. The score will show the 30-day rolling average of Dec 1, 2023 - Dec 31, 2023, as a weekly time period of January 2024.

Engagement Score Range

Engagement Score Rate is a score between 0 to 100%. An ideal engagement score rate is above 70%. Here's how to interrupt your company's Engagement Score.

0-50%: Low

There is a significant portion of the workforce that may be disengaged. These employees typically lack motivation and commitment, possibly feeling misaligned with the company’s values and objectives. Immediate action and strategic interventions are necessary to improve morale and engagement within this group.

51-65%: Moderate

There is a moderate level of engagement that exists among employees. While there are signs of commitment and enthusiasm, there are also areas that need improvement. This group likely requires additional support, resources, or clarity regarding the company’s goals to bolster their engagement levels.

66-70%: Good!

Employees are motivated and contribute positively to the workplace; however, there may be opportunities to further enhance their engagement and commitment levels through targeted initiatives and support.

71-85%: Great!

There is a highly engaged workforce. Employees actively contribute and are aligned with the company’s values and objectives. Continued support and recognition of their efforts are crucial, as well as identifying and replicating the factors driving their engagement across the organization.

86-100%: Excellent!

An excellent score reflects an exceptionally engaged workforce, with employees serving as advocates and ambassadors for the company. These individuals consistently go above and beyond in their roles, promoting a positive work culture and environment. Sustaining and leveraging this high level of engagement is vital for organizational success and employee retention.

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