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No need to research or create any questions! Pulse Surveys leverage real-time data to pull from our 100-question library, comprised of 10 engagement categories and 26 subcategories, to ensure you get insights on each cultural category.

Our Pulse Survey questions were researched and built by experts in Human Resources and the world of work.

Pulse Survey Question Types

All Pulse Surveys use the Agree/Disagree Likert scale. Using the same question type removes comprehension of scoring fatigue and increases the survey completion rate.

Agree/Disagree Likert Scale + Skip Question Option

  • Strongly Agree

  • Agree

  • Neither Agree nor Disagree

  • Disagree

  • Strongly Disagree

  • Skip this Question

Questions & Engagement Categories

Each pulse survey question is linked to an engagement category. These categories portray how your employees feel and how invested they are in their roles within your organization.

Each of the 10 engagement categories has 2-3 subcategories. Below are examples of the engagement categories along with subcategories and questions related to the category: Team Dynamics

Engagement Categories Example

Team Dynamics Subcategories Example

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