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By default, Pulse Surveys are disabled. A Matter Owner/Admin will need to enable them in the Channel Settings or Workspace Settings (Enterprise Grid).

Once enabled, you'll be able to view and adjust the Pulse Survey settings. While the default settings are optimized for performance, you can adjust the following settings:

Access Pulse Survey Settings

  1. Open the Web App.

  2. Go to Settings.

  3. Then Pulse Surveys tab.


The frequency is how often Pulse Surveys are sent. Each employee will receive 1 pulse survey per frequency period. You can select from the following frequency options:

  • Weekly (recommended)

    • Ask 3 questions per survey.

  • Bi-Weekly (every 2 weeks)

    • Ask 6 questions per survey.

  • Monthly

    • Ask 12 questions per survey.

The frequencies and question amount per survey are specifically designed to increase participation rates and avoid survey fatigue. Note: Pulse Survey questions are independent of the Employee Net Promoter Score (eNPS) question.

Employee Net Promoter Score (eNPS)

The eNPS question is an optional question in the Pulse Survey. When enabled, the question is always asked first, while other questions are randomized. The eNPS question is typically asked less frequently than other questions. If enabled, you can select from the following frequency options:

  • Monthly

  • Every 2 Months

  • Every 3 Months (recommended)

The frequencies are specifically designed to help you measure employee satisfaction and loyalty within the organization. To dive deeper, here's how we calculate Employee Net Promoter Score (eNPS).


Configure admin notifications for Pulse Survey activity. All notifications are sent by Matter in Slack/Teams. The Matter Owner/Admin who first launches the pulse survey will be automatically added to receive notifications. Optionally, you can add additional Admins. Notifications currently include New Feedback and Weekly Digest.

New Feedback Example

Weekly Digest Example


Matter is the only company that has an integrated Rewards platform that allows you to automatically reward survey completions with Matter coins. We highly recommend giving coins to survey completions to increase participation rates. The Reset button returns the coin amount to the default amount, which is 20 coins per survey completion.

Rewards Settings Example

Excluded Members

Pulse Surveys are generally sent out by HR/leadership. To avoid skewed results, you can optionally exclude team members from receiving the Pulse Survey.

Excluded Members Settings Example


Once all the settings have been confirmed, you are ready to launch the Pulse Survey. Simply scroll to the top of the Pulse Survey Settings, look for the blue banner, and hit "Launch".

Additionally, you can preview the Pulse Survey before launching or Disable the survey after launching. Simply click "Enable Pulse Survey" to re-enable the settings.

Toggle Option: Send First Pulse Survey Instantly (On Launch) - By enabling this setting, the first Pulse Survey will be sent out right away after launching the survey. If disabled, then the Pulse Survey will be sent Monday through Thursday during hours (9 am to 5 pm local time).

Pulse Surveys Settings Example

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