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Seeing team member's coin balances
Seeing team member's coin balances
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There are two ways for Workspace Owners/Admins to see coin balances.

Option 1: Rewards Report

To see coin balances and related coin metrics, Workspace Owners/Admins can download the Rewards Report in the Rewards Manager.

Inside the report, there will be a Rewards Report tab. This tab will provide a breakdown of each team member and their coin allowance per period, remaining coins per period, coins earned all-time, coins redeemed all-time, and unredeemed coins.

Option 2: Members Tab

  1. Open the Web App.

  2. Go to Channel Settings.

  3. Then Members tab.

  4. Find the team member via search or scrolling and click Edit to the right of their name.

  5. View/adjust the coin balance of the individual member and hit Save.

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