How Matter coins work
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What are Matter coins?

Matter coins are the currency/point system used to trade them for rewards (gift cards, custom company rewards, charitable donations, prepaid Visa & Mastercard cards). Important Note: Matter workspace Owners/Admins are able to disable coins/rewards.

How do coins work?

Each Feedback Friday week, each team member in your channel will receive Matter coins to distribute to teammates in kudos and feedback through the following Feedback Friday. This amount to give away is called the Default Coin Allowance. If a team member does or doesn’t give away all their coins, it will always reset to the default coin allowance amount after the end of Feedback Friday. In other words, give them away or it resets - encouraging people to give kudos and coins.

Coins that team members giveaway are independent of the coins they earn/receive. Coins received from kudos and feedback never reset/expire. When team members have enough coins, they will be notified by Matter that they have enough coins to redeem for a reward. Team members are able to see their coin balance either in the Slack Home tab / Teams Matter tab (Rewards) or inside the web app.

Do I pay for coins?

Coins are not prepaid. They are free to give and receive. You will only be charged when a Workspace Owner/Admin approves a reward redemption request for gift cards or charitable donations.

How many Matter coins will I receive to share with my teammates?

The amount of Matter coins given depends on the frequency of your Feedback Friday. For example, with a weekly Feedback Fridays frequency each team member will get 50 coins, bi-weekly will get 100 coins, tri-weekly will get 150 coins, and monthly will get 200 coins.

My budget is $X per month. How many coins should each team member get?

Use our Rewards Calculator to determine how many coins your team needs so you can stay within your budget. Adjust the default coin allowance in the web app under channel settings, Rewards tab.

Do my Matter coins expire?

The Matter coins you receive to share with teammates will reset at the end of each Feedback Friday. In addition, users cannot give Matter coins to themselves, roll over coins to the following week (i.e., use them or lose them), or transfer their coins to another user to share. The amount of Matter coins you receive from kudos and feedback is stored separately from the coins you are allotted to send each week. The coins you earn do not reset or expire.

What happens when I send a kudos with coins to multiple teammates?

If a kudos with coins is given to multiple teammates, the amount will be multiplied by the number of people receiving the kudos. For example, a kudos with 3 coins given to 3 teammates will deduct 9 coins from your total.

Where can I see my coin balance?

Users’ Matter coin balances can be viewed in the Slack/Teams Home tab, or via the Rewards tab in the web app. Admins can download users coin balances in our advanced analytics report export. If you’d like to reset your team’s Matter coin balances (earned coins) for any reason, please reach out to [email protected].

What happens to my Matter coins if my team stops using Matter?

If your Matter-connected channel or Matter web app workspace is deleted, users’ Matter coin balances will not be retained.

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