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Why can't I change the Pulse Survey questions?
Why can't I change the Pulse Survey questions?
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At this time, we don't allow the Pulse Survey questions to be editable. We do this for a few key reasons.

Science Behind Pulse Surveys

Matter’s Pulse Surveys have 100 questions and 10 engagement categories, and 26 subcategories, which were researched and built by experts in Human Resources and the world of work. All questions were analyzed and validated for content and wording.

Avoid Survey Fatigue

Survey recipients will not see the same question twice in a 90-day period. Using a 100-question library, it’s even more likely that they won’t receive the same question in 6 months.

Save Time & Launch Faster

Launch in 1-click! We've already done the hard work for you... No need to research or create any questions. While settings can be adjusted, out-of-the-box settings are the most used across all companies.

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