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Customize celebration message
Customize celebration message
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Workspace Owners/Admins can customize the text message portion of the Celebration message - either Birthday and/or Work Anniversary.

Customize Celebration Text Message

  1. Open the Web App.

  2. Go to Channel Settings.

  3. Then Celebrations tab.

  4. In the Birthday or Work Anniversary section, under the Your Message section, adjust the copy to fit your preference.

  5. Once the message has been updated, remember to hit Save.

Celebration Text Message Variable

You can use emojis in the message and dynamic tags such as:

  • {user} = @JamesBond

  • {number} = Work anniversary year (e.g., 5)

  • {date} = Day of birthday (e.g., December 5th)

Note: Celebration messages are limited to 400 characters.

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