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Advanced analytics report
Advanced analytics report
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How to Download Advanced Analytics Report

  1. Open the Web App.

  2. Go to Analytics.

  3. Select the desired date range (e.g., custom date or predefined).

  4. Click Download Report (.XLSX).

    1. An Excel file will automatically download to your device.

Advanced Analytics Report

The advanced analytics report will include but is not limited to:

  • Dashboard: Team Metrics such as participation, rewards, and coins, Kudos Type Breakdown, Top Feedback Givers & Receivers, etc.

  • Member Activity: Breakdown of each member and related stats such as # kudos sent/received, # coins sent/received, # rewards redeemed, etc.

  • Kudos Sent: List of kudos sent with a created date, giver & receiver, public vs private, kudos type, coin amount, and kudos message.

  • Kudos Types: Breakdown of top giver and receiver of each kudos types (default and custom). Ideal for companies that add in company values as custom kudos.

  • Feedback Sent: List of peer feedback sent with a created date, giver & receiver, skill, feedback type, and feedback message.

Advanced Analytics Report (sample here)

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