Sending kudos in Slack
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Option 1: How to Send Kudos in Slack via Matter Channel

  1. In the Matter-based Slack channel, click Give Kudos button or use the Slack slash command shortcut /kudos.

    1. Note: If using the slash command, select a channel to send the kudos in.

  2. Select one or more team members.

    1. Note: If if the

  3. Choose the kudos Type (e.g., Amazing job, Cheers, etc.)

  4. Add your Message.

    1. Note: Messages can include emojis - details here.

  5. Select Public (default) or Private visibility.

  6. Add Coins (optional).

  7. Hit Send.

Option 2: How to Send Kudos in Slack via Matter Home Tab

  1. Go to your Slack Apps > MatterBot

  2. (If you have more than one channel) Select the channel you'd like to give kudos in.

  3. Click on the Home tab

  4. Go to the Kudos section

  5. Configure the kudos type and hit Give This Kudos

Option 3: How to Send Kudos from the Web App

  1. Go to the Web App.

  2. Click the Give Kudos icon (handclapping) from the Home page.

  3. Select channel members.

  4. Choose the type of kudos: Thank You, Amazing Job, Team Work, etc.

  5. Add recognition message.

  6. Select Public (default) or Private visibility.

  7. Hit Send.

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