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How to Resend Your Reward to an Email Address
How to Resend Your Reward to an Email Address

Resend your reward to any email address quickly and easily from the Matter Web App.

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Resending your reward to any email address is simple and can be done by the person who received the reward. Reward types that can be resent include gift cards, donations, and prepaid cards. This feature is especially useful if your corporate email servers are delayed or blocking your reward email from being delivered. You can have Matter send your reward to your personal email or any other email address you specify.

Important: Ensure you enter the correct email address, as the recipient will be able to fully redeem your reward. Matter is unable to provide refunds for mistakes.

Steps to Resend Your Reward:

  1. Visit Matter's Web App.

  2. Click the Rewards tab in the left navigation.

  3. Click View Redemption History (see image below).

  4. Find the reward you want to resend.

  5. Click Resend and follow the brief instructions (see image below).

Your reward will be emailed to you instantly and will arrive as quickly as your email provider can process it.

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