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What can I expect with engagement and participation with Matter?
What can I expect with engagement and participation with Matter?
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While every company culture is different, here are the engagement rates we usually find on a weekly Feedback Friday frequency:

  • 30% participate consistently because of kudos (i.e., warm and fuzzies).

  • 50% participate consistently because of rewards (i.e., monetary motivation).

  • 20% participate in-frequently and mainly get value from the visibility of knowing what's going on at the company (i.e., leadership).

Again, every company culture is different. It might start off slow and pick up after a few weeks of Feedback Friday. On the other hand, lots of companies that use Matter have a nearly 100% participation rate each week.

We find that the weekly Feedback Friday frequency is effective at forming a recognition habit, especially if there are no formal recognition reminders/processes previously in the company. In contrast, a monthly recognition frequency and coin allowances produce more of a "dumping of coins" and transactional kudos where they have to give them away or lose them.

If you find engagement to be slowing down over time, a few recommendations include:

  • Give out spot bonuses (i.e., extra coins) based on the top receiver of each company value kudos type.

  • Increase the amount of coins for a short period of time (e.g., 1-2 separate weeks every quarter).

  • Add some fun limited-time custom rewards (e.g., virtual escape room experience, digital cookbook, home plant kits, mystery box, online yoga class, etc.).

  • Have a contest where people create fun custom kudos, vote on them with emoji reactions, and the best one receives recognition!

  • Move Feedback Friday from weekly to bi-weekly.

We hope this gives you proper expectations and some fun ideas to increase engagement.

If you'd like additional ideas, feel free to message us at [email protected], and we'll be happy to help!

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