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Adding Matter to a private Slack channel
Adding Matter to a private Slack channel

Create new private channel or use an existing private channel

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Matter's Slack Integration requires a channel for Matter to post public kudos and Feedback Friday messages. Due to Matter's Slack permissions, the app can only see public channels in your Slack workspace when going through the Create New Channel onboarding flow.

Option 1: Add Matter to New Private Channel

  1. Inside Slack, go to Apps > MatterBot

  2. In the Home tab, click the New Matter Channel button.

  3. Name your channel (e.g., #matter, #kudos).

  4. Click Next and the channel will be set up.

  5. Go into the created channel and set it to private (Slack instructions).

Option 2: Add Matter to Existing Private Channel

  1. Go to the existing private channel.

  2. Type @MatterBot install into the channel.

  3. Slack will prompt you to invite MatterBot to the channel. Hit Invite Them.

  4. Once invited successfully, MatterBot will send a welcome kudos in the channel.

Note: Adding Matter through the Integrations Tab will NOT allow you to use Matter in the private channel. If you've done this, follow the steps above to re-add Matter in the private channel.

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