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What skills does Matter support?
What skills does Matter support?
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Matter is most useful when you select the skills that matter to you. By selecting the skills you care about, you help Matter get you the most valuable quality of feedback to help you grow.

Matter's Default Skill Recommendations

Matter has over 30 default skill recommendations for new users who want to hear feedback to grow their skills but are unsure of what kind of feedback they need.

These default skill recommendations help Matter get to know you and will continue to get smarter over time resulting in increasingly valuable feedback to you. Some of Matter's most popular skills include:

  • Candor

  • Communication

  • Inclusiveness

  • Leadership

  • Resilience

  • Resourceful

  • Responsive

  • Supportive

  • Vision

Adding Custom Skills

Once you join Matter, you can optionally add a custom skill on your skills page.

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