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Change Feedback Friday message delivery times
Change Feedback Friday message delivery times
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By default Feedback Friday is 10 am - 4 pm based on the Timezone in Web App (Channel Settings > General tab). The messages are sent at the following time of day.

  • Kickoff: 10 am

  • Mid Day Reminder: 1 pm

  • Last Call: 3:45 pm

  • Recap: 4 pm

You can change the delivery timing of Feedback Friday messages. This is ideal for workspaces that are distributed across different time zones or work outside normal 9 am - 5 pm work schedules. That way team members in different time zones or outside normal business working hours are able to be notified to participate in Feedback Friday.

Change Feedback Friday Message Delivery Times

  1. Go to the Web App.

  2. Under Channel Settings select Feedback Friday.

  3. Below each message is a drop-down option to change the delivery time. Select the desired time.

  4. Hit Save at the bottom to confirm the new times.

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